COVID-19 Content Captured by Truvalue Labs & the S&P 500

In the past few weeks, a disconnect has emerged: Markets are rising, while COVID-19-related content seems to have reached a plateau. COVID content may be hard-pressed to drop further, considering the rising US and global caseload.


Volume of COVID-19-related data identified by five key signals has declined after peaking in late March. The Response Signal increased to 8% of all COVID-tagged content this week, up from 6%.

SASB Categories Volume Mix within Covid-19 Content

After claiming an increased share of COVID-19-related content in recent weeks, the "Other Categories" group encompassing 20 SASB factors looks to have set a high water mark from which it is receding. The primary six categories have an enduring hold on COVID-19-related data.

Volume Mix by Environmental, Social and Governance Categories

Governance topics saw a gain in the past week, while the longer view shows a fairly stable relationship between E, S, & G.

Relative COVID-19 volume and NEW CASES

US new cases continue to dwarf China and Developed Europe, yet COVID-19-related conversation in the U.S. has not meaningfully increased.

Industries with the most and least COVID-19 attention

Health Care Distributors, Cruise Lines, and Meat, Dairy & Poultry, received the most COVID-19 attention among industries, preserving their status quo at the top of this list.

Top 10 companies with positive sentiment on the Response Signal by total Volume

The race for a vaccine continues on all continents, with Indian firm Cadila Healthcare Ltd approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to undertake human clinical trials of a vaccine candidate.

Racial Equality-Related Spotlight Events

  • Major investors demanding Nike, FedEx, & Pepsi to break partnerships if Redskins don't change name
  • RBC boosts target for visible minorities in executive roles to 30 per cent
  • Home Depot is changing its rope sales policy after multiple nooses were found in stores across the US
  • Australian cities extend protests supporting Black Lives Matter movement, Indigenous Peoples
  • Racism storm hits Zim (Zimbabwe) Pepsi maker
  • Complaint alleges that Facebook is biased against black workers
  • Amy Emmerich, Content Chief At Vice Media’s Refinery29, Exits Amid Probe Of Division’s Culture
  • Pharrell Williams, Ellen Degeneres, Kenya Barris, Van Jones, Global Citizen and Teneo Launch Juneteenth Pledge
  • Wisconsin-based Quad/Graphics stopped a Minneapolis agency from saying ‘Black Lives Matter’

Continuing with a focus on racial equality, we again highlight key recent Spotlight Events. Racial justice data shows that protests are beyond BLM and the US: In Australia, indigenous rights are discussed, and in Canada, RBC has set new executive diversity targets, while in Zimbabwe a soft drink producer is under scrutiny.

VOLUME by country of domicile & COVID-19 SIGNAL
No data for countries in white

This global mapping by COVID-19 coverage, aggregated by corporate country of domicile, shows relative volume by country of different COVID-19 signals. This week there are rising volumes in Nigeria and South Africa, both of which also saw double-digit COVID-19 confirmed case growth, of 12% and 35%, respectively, according to JHU numbers.

Last Updated: July 8, 2020



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