COVID-19 Content Captured by Truvalue Labs & the S&P 500

It's been a month of low levels of COVID-19-related data, amounting to about a third of total ESG data volume. The S&P 500 has continued an inverse relationship with COVID-related news volume, and looks to be pushing that relationship to the brink as stocks steadily climb.


The Economy COVID-specific signal spiked last week to 20% for the first time since early June as conversation about the possible necessity of a lockdown emerged. That level wasn't maintained for a second week, and overall COVID signals remain at low levels compared with the spring.

SASB Categories Volume Mix within Covid-19 Content

Twice in two weeks, "Other Categories" reached the highest percent of COVID-19 content since January. The implication? The six most COVID-19-linked categories are claiming less of the conversation, and Coronavirus is becoming embedded in the full spectrum of ESG issues, permeating modern life.

Volume Mix by Environmental, Social and Governance Categories

Social dimension news maintains a hearty share of the overall E, S, and G dialogue, tallying 44% this week.

Relative COVID-19 volume and NEW CASES

COVID-19-related volume is ticking upwards in Europe with a spike in new cases, unlike the US's example for the past month when company-related COVID dialogue seemed to ignore a surge of infections. Current US new case levels are still >4x Europe, but look good after four consecutive weeks of 400,000 cases per week for the US.

Top 10 Industries with the most COVID-19 attention

This week, Car Rentals & Leasing dominates the top industries chart with a small sample size as Avis Budget has vowed to meet new standards of cleanliness. More interesting is the appearance of Casinos & Gaming, not a regular fixture in this list, which is in focus with the safety of casinos a matter of public debate as 851 out of 989 US casinos are open nationwide, according to the American Gaming Association.

Top 10 companies with positive sentiment on the Response Signal by total Volume

Sinopharm's Stage III trial in the UAE reached a milestone as 5,000 people have now recieved the vaccine. Overall conversation around the vaccine race remains robust and extremely positive.

Racial Equality-Related Spotlight Events

  • HSBC aims to double  number of senior Black staff by 2025
  • Howard University Announces $250,000 Grant from Cigna to Support Pipeline of Urban Superintendents
  • Saputo To Drop Australian Cheese Brand Name That Used Common Racial Slur
  • Dutch bank ABN Amro to examine own history in light of racism debate
  • Delivering on Equity Pledge, TCF Bank Unveils $1 Billion Loan Commitment for Minority Communities and Minority- and Women-Owned Small Businesses

Continuing with a focus on racial equality, we again highlight key recent Spotlight Events. This week, racial justice-related data shows banks stepping up on diversity and racial justice, with HSBC vowing to double its senior Black staff, and TCF Bank promising $1 billion in loans to minority and women-owned small businesses.

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2020



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